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mar coutinho
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
'ello! maybe you know me from my beagleamarelo account!!! it's me, mar c:
for those who don't know me, i'm 21 and i live in the southeast of brazil in a small town. i draw since i remember existing... but i really have trouble with working with my own art. at the moment i'm studying pedagogy in an online university from my country.
i really dig the sea, lighthouses, the 60's, mod subculture, the color yellow, succulents, cacti, psychological thriller movies/books/stories, retro videogames and other stuff i can't remember right now!!! i also am into some bands like oasis (my favorite band !!!), the beatles, the stone roses, the jam, wings, apanhador só and o terno. i love liam gallagher and paul mccartney ^_^
HEY! i made an art page on facebook again. really hope i can keep it alive for longer this time. .....
here's the url! [link]  thank you ^-^

- - - - - - - -

now ummm i just uploaded some recent drawings
i thought of maybe talking for a bit here
i should be eating dinner right now but i rly wanna type some stuff here.

my classes will be back next week. i'm studying pedagogy... it's Certainly not anything i ever wanted, but i don't have many choices. i was studying visual arts (teacher degree) before and that's the closest i could get to arts in my town. i changed courses because of some fucked up government stuff that happened in brazil that made the arts subject be less required in high school. i also changed courses bc when i graduate pedagogy i'll be able to teach waaaaay more periods than i would be able with only the visual arts teacher degree.

am i happy with that? no, i'm not

i thought of moving back to arts 3549358954584564648954 times and even thought of giving up university for good anD EVEN TRIED TO I FUCKING TRIED TO but everyone said WTF MARISA and i stopped myself.
yeah giving up is really not the way.....

to make myself feel better i think that i will be able to post graduate or specialize in art history after graduating pedagogy and then i could work in museums... or teaching art history or being an art critic

i have no idea if that's what i want.
i know from my own experience that i don't like working with my art. i like to do it as a hobby. i'm not that good with art... i don't know anatomy i never watched tutorial videos or read about how to draw.... and i don't really wanna learn that all. ust wanna have a good time....... but i never have a good time when it comes to art..... it's always that fucking pressure to be perfect, to be good, to be better than someone, to be famous, to be fucking pablo picasso
i don't think i will ever be able to work with my own art

but hey who knows... i could really enjoy teaching. i can see that happening. teaching small kids and drawing for fun with them...
you know, i really love studying what i'm studying at my course. it's fun!!! i love learning things like those. i am excited for the internships... i think i'll start them this year c: ofc i'm also afraid of the kids and their parents... but i think it could be fun and i could be a nice teacher since im a huge kid..... i just need to realize how i'm gonna make them respect me, lol........ i hope it does happen though.

shiddhujdfi did you notice how nicer and happier i sound when i talk about teaching ... than when i talk about doing arts as a living or even how art hurts me? ):
well i believe i'm in the right way then.... rly gotta work out how to be a mild artist and not feel so bad about it though!!!!

mmmm i think that's all i had to say haha...

hope you're doing well ;v; i really like this website and the friends i made here. it's nice to read your drawings descriptions and journals and see your art.......
well!!!! see ya ^-^
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